ColorLogic GmbH Releases the New ZePrA 5

Rheine, Germany, September 28, 2016: ColorLogic GmbH has released the newest version of the ZePrA automated color server. This release includes approximately 120 new features and

customer requested improvements, as well as a newly designed Online Help section. The features within the new ZePrA 5 combined with the improved Online Help are guaranteed to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Overall improvements to usability have been made with special attention to speed improvements which occur through multithreading. This allows ZePrA to take advantage of modern multi core CPUs and reduces processing time dramatically. All users requiring a high throughput, such as online printers, will benefit from this major improvement.

In an effort to optimize spot color handling and improve spot color pre-check, Spot Color Reporting has been added. Now a user will be able to check the color conversion of spot colors prior to printing which will help to control production and avoids misprints.

ZePrA now offers a cloud functionality with the automatic import of color libraries and configurations which is designed to create better efficiency for companies with multiple ZePrA installations. The Minimal Compression rendering has been added as an additional perceptual rendering option for the SmartLink conversion, which is a feature seen in ColorLogic CoPrA but is now also available in ZePrA. Additionally, there are several other features that have been added or changed in this latest version of ZePrA.

Please take a moment to view the What’s New section for further details on these features


About ZePrA:

ColorLogic ZePrA is a fully automated color server which can be integrated into an existing workflow. The ability to handle multicolor files, apply DeviceLink profiles, create DeviceLinks on-the-fly with SmartLink, including spot color to multicolor profiles on-the-fly make ZePrA a must have for production environments.


About ColorLogic GmbH:

As one of the world’s superior color management technology software providers, ColorLogic GmbH is a leader in providing technology and innovation for advertising agencies, prepress houses, offset, gravure, packaging, digital, large-format and multicolor printers in the color management arena. Utilizing industry knowledge extensive product offerings and advanced technological capabilities, ColorLogic GmbH develops solutions for customers worldwide. ColorLogic’s products include ColorAnt, CoPrA and ZePrA, which provide an unparalleled range of color management technology with a high level of automation options possibilities.


About Compose:

Compose System is the distributor of Colorlogic products in China and Asia. Compose is a also solution provider for print, automated workflow to bring higher productivity in any print room.  Color Management solution will help printers to maintain its quality and getting print approval easily for any standards.



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