pressSIGN 10 new features 

pressSIGN 8 for Expanded Gamut printing

proofSIGN features included in pressSIGN

Automode for Epson proofers

  • Support for ISO 12647-7 digital print targets
    Expanded colour gamut ICC profiles supported
    Automode for Epson proofers
    proofSIGN features included in pressSIGN
    Create new jobs remotely
    Auto re-synch to remote servers
    X-Rite iO Table
    New export functions
    New file parser ManRoland ColorPilot
    Pass or fail selection.
    Mac OSX 10.12 (Sierra) will have to upgrade to pressSIGN 8


Upgrade proofSIGN users to pressSIGN 8

One of the great new features of pressSIGN 8 is the ability to test against the digital proofing standard ISO 12647-7. Select a profile and the ISO 12647-7 default options.

You can use pressSIGN's standard scoring or set up pass or fail based on any percentage including 100.

pressSIGN PrintBuyer represents tremendous value allowing users to measure both press sheets and proofs with the same hardware and software.


pressSIGN 8 for Expanded Gamut printing

pressSIGN Pro 8 will accept an ICC multi-color profile as a new press target. Users will be able to identify colours as CMYK plus spots or as multiple spots.

Selecting CMYK will allow pressSIGN to use Grey balance for the CMYK elements to be part of the assessment. Using ICC N-color profiles will automatically populate the color bar and make hitting Expanded Gamut targets much easier.

There are tremendous savings for some printers who use Expanded Gamut printing. A high quality multi-color profile will allow them to print virtually the whole Pantone spot colour range. They can save time on wash-ups and can gang multiple jobs on the same sheet. 

The savings particularly apply to packaging printers who have relatively short runs. Please contact Compose for advice on selling this feature of pressSIGN.   A copy of the Latest pressSIGN 8 brochure is available here


pressSIGN Upgrade policy

Users who purchased or upgraded pressSIGN after April 1 2016 are eligible for a free upgrade to version 8 until March 31st 2017.

How to get pressSIGN 8

Users who bought or upgraded after April 1st should visit your Compose dealer. They will provide you with a new activation code to uopgrade. 

Users bought pressSIGN before April 1st should contact Compose as usual to get a upgrade code.   Once they have the new code they can download the latest version from their pressSIGN account.

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