ColorLogic is a company renounced for its color expertise, during the last 15 years they have developed an extensive portfolio in the field of color management technologies, as well as powerful and innovative products for demanding customers. The huge response - particularly from their technology partners - encourages them to continuously improve and search better solutions to cope with the problems in day-to-day color reproduction and stay ahead in this competitive world of Color technology.

Compose is glad to have this opportunity to work with ColorLogic as a partner, we hope to bring more solutions to the market in different sphere, whether it is Inkjet or offset, whether it is basic CMYK or Multi-color space. Compose and Color Logic is here to help.

Colorlogic has a wide spectrum of software technology, but today we like to introduce the 3 key basic tools which will help customers of all walks of life. These are the basic tools for starting your way to accurate colors.

The three key products are: ColorAnt, CoPrA, and ZePrA.


For further information about ColorLogic ColorAnt and pricing, please contact us 


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