Express WorkFlow provides reliability, scalability, and efficiency to meet the ever changing demands of today’s prepress industry. It combines practical functionality with ease of use, ensuring tight integration and smooth data delivery between all processes in your prepress workflow. The newly released Express WorkFlow has been extended to provide JDF support at every stage of the production process such as ripping preference, imposition method, InkScript value, folding instruction, binding and guillotine instruction, etc. In addition, many of the workflow features and the overall performance have also been greatly improved.

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JDF Support

JDFnowExpress WorkFlow now supports JDF files. Express Workflow can receive jobs in JDF format from MIS system, and the processing instructions contained within the JDF will configure the individual modules as the job is passed to the workflow. It can also generate JDF files for printing presses, folding and cutting machines.

Auto-Versioning Tool

Express WorkFlow now supports automated versioning. Multi-lingual jobs can be submitted with either one file per language, or all languages within a single PDF, and it will automatically merge the language separations with the black channels for CTP output, or reconstruct a complete set of separations for proof output.

Press Ink Optimization

Express WorkFlow has now integrated the Compose InkScript Optimizer application, allowing users to standardize their RGB or CMYK files, improving the printability, and reduce ink coverage while maintaining the original colour and quality for images and for job PDFs.

IZloop 1 InkScript for Ink key Control

Express WorkFlow has now integrated the Compose InkScript module, providing ink-key information in either CIP3/4 or JDF format, or by providing the ink-key charts in PDF file or windows printer output. This helps to reduce press setup time and improves the consistency over the print runs.

Enhanced Flatworking Productivity

New released flatworking module Plate Controller allows easy plate layout for labels as well as standard jobs. It provides features such as front and back alignment for different work-styles, and advanced step-and-repeat for standard, packaging and label jobs.

Simplified Job Submission

Express WorkFlow Remote Job Manager supports both Mac OS X and Windows PC for job submission and job approval. Users can define all workflow settings as template for quick one-click submission, they can also configure the job setting or workflow settings before submission.

Remote Job Tracking

Remote Job Tracking for both Mac OS X and Windows PC for tracking the processing status of your jobs. Users can search for their jobs using their user name, a time period, or by job name.

Configure While Print

Users used to have to stop the workflow before they can create new settings. With Express WorkFlow 3, users can create new settings even when workflow is started processing other jobs., making it possible to create settings when needed.

Load Balancing for Maximum Productivity

Remote Load Balance module to load balance job files to multiple modules, such as the RIP or DI Proof module, speeding the throughput while keeping the full utilization of all modules.

Distributed Processing

Express WorkFlow now supports Remote Service to distribute the tasks to a number of computers to reduce the overall processing time. For example, if the RIP is the bottle-neck of your workflow, you can simply use the Remote Service with additional Express RIP and the workflow will distribute the ripping process to the two RIPs.

Fault Tolerance

With the Express WorkFlow Web Service and Remote Load Balance module, fault tolerance is also provided - if a module is down, Express WorkFlow will only send new jobs to the other running modules.


Powerful Imposition Packages

Much improved imposition software PRI Station and PDF Imposition for both sheet-fed and web presses. Users have complete control on every aspect of an imposition signature, including the placement of job pages, left and right gutters, and front and back imposition margins. In addition, PRI Station and PDF Imposition also comes with a much enhanced Flatwork tool for imposing multiple jobs or step-and-repeat for creating complex imposition.

Automated Imposition

Fully automated imposition modules for both 1-bit and PDF job files, requiring no manual intervention. Users can preview completed imposition, verify that it is done correctly, before the job files are sent to the proofer or to the CTP machines


Software Details

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Modular design adapting to the way you work

Express WorkFlow is a modular solution designed to give you maximum reliability and scalability. At its heart is the Compose Express RIP - a fast, flexible version of the Harlequin RIP tailored to provide the high levels of performance and productivity you demand. Taking its data from hot folders, Express RIP accepts a wide range of input formats - including PostScript, PDF, EPS, PCL and 1-bit TIFF and supports over 200 output devices. And with browser-based job monitoring, submission and control, you can manage the jobs in your system from wherever you are. Express WorkFlow provides modules for all major functions, including ROOM proofing, pre- and post-RIP imposition options, media optimization - and whichever imagesetter, platesetter or proofer you're using, our expertly tuned output drivers will ensure you get the most from your system.

One-click configuration

JDF workflow Express WorkFlow's intuitive system configurator lets you set up complex new workflows in just a few minutes. Each module is represented by an icon in the toolbar and with a single click can be positioned and connected to other modules. When your workflow is completed you can save your configuration and then move quickly and easily between saved workflows to make changes in both local and remote systems.


JDF automation for greater control

Job Monitor

Express WorkFlow takes advantage of the JDF format to support inkzone profiles, folding, creasing, trimming and cutting. It also fully supports the JDF-enabled Harlequin ScriptWorks RIP to provide easy and flexible RIP configuration. The imposition modules PRI Station, PDF Imposition and Plate Controller use the Express WorkFlow's JDF module to manipulate page placement and generate the appropriate folding, creasing, trimming and cutting instructions. Job tracking using JDF tickets allow users to search for jobs by job name, user name, and time period and job information, job status, and history can be monitored.

End-to-end PDF workflow

Express WorkFlow gives you all the benefits of PDF workflow - faster, more reliable RIP processing, improved interaction with clients and the security that comes from using this widely-used standard. The options for PDF workflow combine the best of third party applications with Compose System's own developments. Incoming PostScript files are converted to PDF files using Adobe Distiller and preflighting is handled by Enfocus PitStop Pro. Certified PDF files are then rastered by Express RIP as high-res separations or as low-res composite for soft-proofing.

ROAMfull rotated ROAM72dpi rotated


Raster file roaming in full or reduced size


Processing jobs in a wide range of formats

Express WorkFlow handles input data in most popular formats - including PostScript, PDF, EPS, PCL and 1-bit TIFF. Using drag-and-drop or save, job streams are directed to hot folders which are continuously monitored. Jobs can also be submitted using the Web Application. The Spool folder takes single file jobs and the Composer Module manages the delivery of jobs with multiple PostScript or PDF files into the workflow. Raster Import handles ripped halftone files for processing by Express WorkFlow - acceptable formats include any 1-bitTIFFs, NetFlow Raster and Harlequin PageBuffer.

Browser based management and tracking - anytime, anywhere

Accessible through an internet browser, Express WorkFlow's database holds all job information in the system - so you can submit, monitor and control jobs locally or remotely from any desktop computer. You can get a complete picture of current workflows in the browser window and by clicking on any point of the process you can gain direct access to the local job manager - providing exactly the same controls in the browser that you have in Express WorkFlow itself .... you are.

Support for over 200 output devices

Compose has over fifteen years experience in digital colour and imagesetting, designing interfaces for inkjet plotters, laser printers, copiers, imagesetters and platesetters. Through close technical co-operations with many vendors, we have fine-tuned Express RIP drivers for many different output devices. We have established a strong customer base with over 12,000 Express RIP installations worldwide. We offer a comprehensive range of drivers for all popular printers, imagesetters and platesetters - ensuring maximum productivity and quality in your prepress system.

Flexible delivery of soft proofs to your clients

By adding the Internet module to your workflow you can set up automated production of composite PDF files for soft proofing so your clients can approve their jobs quickly and efficiently ... even down to the checking of actual dots! Express WorkFlow gives you the facilities to automate delivery of PDF files for client approval via email or FTP download.

Remote printing options to let you run proofs anywhere

With Express WorkFlow you can use the internet to deliver jobs to wherever they need to be printed - to your customers or to their remote site. The Compose Express RIP can be set to generate raster PDFs which are then uploaded to a FTP site for download to the target location for production of color accurate proofs - saving delivery costs and shortening the approval cycle.

Controlling output with Raster PrintStation - locally and over the internet

Raster PrintStation gives you full ability to control and monitor jobs in the output queue. Taking rastered data in TIFF, NetFlow Raster or Harlequin PGB format from the workflow, Raster PrintStation provides you with facilities to set up your output device and lets you preview, hold and release queues, redirect jobs and reorder jobs in the output queue either locally or remotely through a standard internet browser. Additional functions for cropping, tiling and step-and-repeat are also provided.

Optimizing ink usage on the press

Express WorkFlow's InkScript module gives you the option to analyze jobs for their colour profile and create CIP3 PPF files for the press to manage ink levels in individual channels. Accepting any 1-bit TIFF files, InkDuct will take data from a wide variety of sources including Express WorkFlow raster generation modules such as Express RIP, Raster Import, DI Proof, PRI Station, AutoPRI and Plate Controller.


Express WorkFlow supported modules (or Applications)


Express RIP




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