InkScript Connect is solution developed by Compose System, tightly connected with Digital Information of Switzerland on their InkZone range of solutions. Digital Information is the leader in Press connection technology; developing different solutions to connect with presses, as well close loop solution which can automatically adjust the ink flow during printing process, allowing press down time kept to a minimal.

InkScript Connect also provides a software solution which customer using InkScript can integrate with a Ink key presetting tool to create a much accurate Ink key value before sending to the press. During the printing process, InkZone collects all the preset value from the printed jobs, creates a database for future reference. By reading back the values measured throughout the print run, the calibration curve for a given set of printing conditions can be continuously corrected and will gradually approach an optimum. ink console

When it comes to repeat orders, that means a further boost to the speed of set-up sequences, makes significant savings on paper, and a permanently stable, high-quality printing process.

InkScript Loop

Regulate the Closed Loop Value, by comparing actual measured values from the printed control strip, InkScript Loop computes correction values for the printing machine. Transmission of the data to the console can be via IS Card, IS Strip, IS Tape, or IS Perfect. If necessary, the operator checks the preset values and, at the press of a key, releases them to the printing machine. The effect is clear: a huge reduction in workload, higher quality, and a stable production run.

InkScript Connect interface:

Memory card

Direct Connection for Heidelberg and MAN Roland, IS Connect’s interface takes on the function of Heidelberg's Job Memory Card or MAN Roland's Chipcard. The interface is connecting the machine control station via Ethernet to the Press. Ink key values are brought into line with the preset conditions by the control software supplied. Linear IZloop 2

Replace magnetic strip by safety online transmission

InkScript Connect’s interface provides a secure transmission of preset data to the machine control station. It replaces the magnetic strip/tape units normally used on Akiyama, Komori, Mitsubishi, and Planeta machines, and prevents the associated risk of errors from tedious handling of sensitive magnetic strips.


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