Label Printing

Compose offers a Label printing solution based on roll to roll printing, as well as a solution for sheet printing machine.   It supports a large number of printing devices from the market.

In case for roll to roll, it will also support variable data printing through our popular VDP engine – Velocity, variable data label will be generated on the fly, making it simple and easy to print.    

Compose also offer an advance version of Label printing by ganging multiple labels together.   When run length of Labels are more or less the same, we can place them side by side to speed up printing.  

Labels sample2For sheet-fed machine, we offer step and repeat to optimize on printing, making sure each time when we print on a sheet it is always at its best optimization condition.

Accurate color and trapping is available from Compose Express RIP, making sure color is always consistent from batch to batch.   Compose also offers a tool called Spot Matcher for operator to find the correct Spot Color by visual and iteration method.  

If Jobs with die cutting is required, Compose can offer die cutting for labels based on the spot color defined. On roll to roll jobs it will look for the eye marks or four corner marks for the sheet-fed die-cutting. 

If you have any question on this solution, please get in touch with Compose Systems for further information.


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